Nutrisystem Inc

“Simply stated, Jordan Romeny is an asset to any organization. I have worked with Jordan for over two years and Jordan is an incredibly talented multi-media graphic designer as well as a valuable team player. I can tell you that Jordan is a pleasure to work with. I can also tell you that his creativity is on par with the very best, and his designs are strong, impactful and original. That said, Jordan takes the time to understand the goal of the project, and nails it each and every time. Jordan is dedicated to making sure any project he is involved with is a great success. A true professional, brilliant designer, and multi-talented, Jordan is a true creative professional and one that you would be lucky to have on your team or project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jordan again.” June 7, 2009
Jennifer Hartnett , Creative Director , NutriSystem
managed Jordan at Nutrisystem

“Jordan is a wonderful team player who you can rely on for outstanding, creative, beautiful design. He was used in numerous capacities at Nutrisystem... from print designer, to photographer, to web graphics development. His work is always unique and he has the ability to bring unexpected ideas to fruition. He was well liked and respected by his colleagues, as well as the executive team. Always professional Jordan would be a great addition to any design team.” June 3, 2009
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Shannon Jordan - Dominello

“It is a pleasure to recommend Jordan Romney. I worked with Jordan for 2 years at Nutrisystem. Jordan is smart, insightful and has a strong sense of design. And he takes great pride in all his work and would be a great asset to any company.” June 3, 2009
Brian Corchiolo , Senior Graphic Designer , NutriSystem
worked directly with Jordan at Nutrisystem

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